I’m Laure M !

I’m a dedicated fempreneur and proud mother.

My journey began in 2009 with my first baby, “Les Bijoux de Looty,” my handmade jewelry brand. Over the years, as I balanced business pursuits and motherhood, I uncovered a profound passion for empowering fellow mumpreneurs.

From crafting jewelry to building niche websites and beyond, every step has been guided by a deep desire to make a positive impact. My experiences as both an entrepreneur and a mother have enriched my journey, shaping the foundation of who I am today.

*“Coucou” (pronounced koo-koo) is the French word for “Hello”.


Get to know me

I'm an Unapologetic Foodista,

I love cooking, eating, testing and tasting new recipes and flavors. And while my favorite meal is Brunch, I typically observe OMAD fasting and usually have dinner only.

Picture of my Brunch on Mother’s Day – part of our family tradition.

With a Nack for Interior Design,

As a child, I wanted to be an architect & home designer. This passion has never left me, and in 2022 I even enrolled in an online Interior Design course. That same year, I launch my Home Decor Blog

Picture of my Home Office and yes, Rose Gold is my favorite color (for now).

And a Passion for Aquascaping.

I’m the proud owner of a Mini Complete Tank, the cosy home of 3 little lively shrimps and a tiny snail.

Meet my tiny aquarium on my desk (the pen is for the scale).

I'm also a Nail Art Lover.

Painting my nails is a form of therapy for me. I collect nail polish bottles and have had over 200 (I had to count them when I moved to Germany).

Kure Bazaar is my favorite brand.

My Definition of Luxury includes...

Small things like a bouquet of fresh flowers every week. If Tulips and Peonies are my favorites, Red Roses really give me a hard time. 

I'm forever grateful for...

My darling daughter. She’s my treasure, the center of my universe, my inspiration. She’s the reason I get up in the morning and do what I do.

And I value her privacy, that’s why you will always see her, without seeing her.

And for me, Self-Care is...

  • Gently moving my body with Yoga, walking and swimming.
  • A lot of energy work such as tapping, meditating, and visualizing.
  • And of course, as a Projector, napping.

Picture of my meditation corner.

Laure M.

The New Kind of Business Angel for Mumpreneurs

Integrating my Business School degree in Management, e-business, and communication with specialized training in e-marketing, SEO, and money mindset, I’ve cultivated a comprehensive skill set. This fusion of expertise empowers me to offer you more than traditional advice; it positions me as your collaborative partner in shaping a business that resonates with your core values.

Moreover, blending my innate Human Design as a 6/2 Projector with an unwavering dedication to Feminine Personal Growth, I’ve honed a unique approach. As a consultant, I’m driven to empower mumpreneurs, enabling them to define and achieve success on their own terms. Leveraging my background in branding consulting and my commitment to Feminine Personal Growth, I empathize with the distinct challenges that women navigate in the business landscape.

In a world where fempreneurs often face unique challenges, my mission goes beyond financial gains; it’s about igniting a revolution of women-led businesses that thrive authentically. I envision a world where mumpreneurs boldly embrace their passions and prosper on their terms.

My philosophy is deeply rooted in empowerment, authenticity, and collaboration. I believe in crafting a business that not only generates revenue but also brings fulfillment. I stand against cookie-cutter strategies and the “Hustle Mentality”. Instead, I strongly advocate for a holistic and sustainable growth.

Let’s embark on a journey where you’re not just growing a business, but sculpting a life of purpose and satisfaction. Together, we’ll create a venture that amplifies your strengths, aligns with your values, and fosters balance between your entrepreneurial dreams and your life’s most precious moments.

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